Affiliated Organisations

ICC (Indian Cultural Centre) is the apex body of Indian expatriate community functioning under the patronage of Embassy of India for the purpose of advancement of the sports, social, and cultural interests of the Indian community in Qatar. ICC is also the platform to serve the interest of almost 500,000 Indians residing in Qatar. This Cultural body is also committed to promote the rich Indian culture among Qatari nationals and expatriate communities of all other nationalities living in Qatar. It also functions as a body of Indian Embassy to strengthen the deep-rooted Indo-Qatar friendship and cultural relationship. The membership of the ICC is open to all the Indian nationals residing in Qatar. More than 95 socio-cultural organizations of Indian community have been affiliated to ICC thereby ICC acts an umbrella origination for these outfits. The Ambassador of India is the Patron of ICC and one officer of the Embassy is nominated by the Ambassador as the Chief Coordinator of the ICC.

Any Indian Organization (with no political and religious agenda) and recognized by Embassy of India shall be eligible for affiliation with the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC). A non refundable amount of Qr.3,000/- (Qatari Riyals. Three Thousand only) shall be paid as affiliation fee. This amount will be treated as affiliation fee for the first year of the organization till the following 31st March irrespective of the period and of the month of affiliation. The financial year shall be considered 1st April to 31st March.

Period of affiliation shall be on yearly basis (1st April to 31st March) and renewable. Thereafter an amount of Qr.3,000/- shall be paid as annual renewal fee. If affiliation is not renewed within a period of 60 days from the date of expiry, then the affiliation will be automatically treated as cancelled and facilities enjoyed by the organization shall be withdrawn.

The affiliated body is required to submit to the Embassy of India, Doha and copy to ICC :

  • Copy of Constitution or Aims and Objectives of the Association.
  • Annual report within 3 months of their year end.
  • To invite CO / ACO to oversee the selection procedure of officials.
  • Updated Managing Committee list.
  • Updated Members list.

It is desirable that the organization conduct annual audit of their financial transactions. The following facilities are offered by ICC to all affiliated bodies subject to its availability:

  • Use of ICC meeting room 12 times per year for holding simple meetings for not more than 20 people.
  • Use of ICC conference room (Delhi / Mumbai / Bengaluru Halls) 6 times per year for holding meetings having not more than 60 people.
  • To invite CO / ACO to oversee the selection procedure of officials.
  • Qrs. 500/- discount in total amount for using Ashoka Hall twice in a year

ICC will assist the affiliated organizations in obtaining permission from Qatari Authorities for cultural programs by way of issuing letters etc. Any fee payable to the government body shall be payable by the affiliated body. It is mandatory to the affiliated organizations to provide details of their programs. Affiliated organization has to invite ICC officials for their cultural programs. All affiliated organizations to ensure that they do not create any liabilities while arranging such programs. All affiliated organizations not to solicit any funds by way of sponsorships on account of the Indian Republic and Independence days. This is the prerogative of the ICC. They can join in the joint celebrations organized by ICC to commemorate these national days.